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Current interest:

I am currently, at my free time which is limited, working on improving myself in Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills using Python, previously I worked with R at the beginner level. AI is inseparable in the IoT vision; my interest, therefore, lies in investigating which AI techniques can be applied to which IoT application- when and how. This drives my future goal which also corresponds to 5G IoT vision. 

I am about to complete my PhD where I am continuing my previous research with the Immersive Networking Group at DSV, Stockholm University.I am currently interested in research towards autonomic management of distributed context-information in Internet-of-Things (IoT), especially how AI and Machine Learning could influence paradigm shift from IoT to IoE (Internet-of-Everything).

My earlier research towards Licentiate of Philosophy degree focused on creating logical clustering of physically distributed entities based on context similarity as opposed to physical clustering in IoT. 

Hasibur Rahman, Ph.Lic.
PhD Student
Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV), Stockholm University
Nod Buildning, 3rd floor (5:5), Elevator E
SE-164 55 Kista, Sweden

Tel: I prefer e-mail and will get back to you with contact number. 🙂 
E-mail: hasibur dot rahman at outlook dot com

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Twitter: @hasiburrahman29
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